Types of Patients

Over the past 10 years, I have treated a wide variety of patients with a diverse set of needs and circumstances.

  • Elders and Seniors - Individuals who are older and are seeking a basic exercise routine or pain relief 

  • Post-surgical patients - Individuals that may not have the mobility or means to travel to a clinic and are looking for pain, inflammation, range of motion support and early exercise support

  • Sports Injury patients - Individuals that have sustained sports-related injuries and want to complete rehab within a home setting rather than clinic

  • Car accident victims - Individuals that have sustained injuries from a motor vehicle accident, and not able to attend a standard clinic

  • Work Place injury victims - Individuals that have sustained injuries in a workplace

  • Pregnant Women - Common injuries associated with the changes in your body (pain, numbness, etc.)

  • Children/Youth - Growing pains and general injuries

  • Busy individuals - Individuals who have time restrictions and busy lifestyles that do not allow them to get into a clinic

  • Second opinion seekers - Individuals looking for a second opinion or verification regarding their current physiotherapy program


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