PHYSIO FACTS: What is Physiotherapy?

You’ll be hard pressed to find someone that has not heard the term “physiotherapy” or “physical therapy” in the past. After all, physiotherapy is something that is so common in society today, yet ironically it can be difficult for someone to describe what the practice actually is. The truth is, physiotherapy is such an extensive field, that it is sometimes challenging to summarize everything in one shot. If you can relate to the above, or just looking for a slight refresher on this truly important sector of health care, you are going to want to read on!

At the most basic of levels, physiotherapy is a scope of health care that aims to work on and correct either known or unknown issues pertaining to the body. As you can see, we have stated the word “issues” and not “injuries”. This is because it is a common mistake for people to think that it is only an injury that brings someone into the office (but more on this later).

The entire scope of these issues is extremely vast, but the ideal principles are always present when you see your medically trained Physiotherapist (or Physical Therapist as it is sometimes known). Your Physiotherapist will assess/investigate what difficulties you are having, diagnose the issue after seeing how your body is presenting, and finally medically treat you through potentially a variety of means. Once your physiotherapist has created a unique and individualized treatment plan for you, the physiotherapist and potentially a team of health and rehabilitation specialists will continue to follow your progress.

At the end of the day however, we must ask ourselves why do we do this? The simple (and probably the most accurate) answer to this question is, TO ACHIEVE YOUR HEALTH GOALS. More often than not, this basically means to improve your physical function, which in turn means to have a happier and healthier you!

So now you know the overarching themes and concepts in physiotherapy, but there is a bit more to it. Despite all this theory, no two physiotherapists or clinics are created equally, and the quality of care can certainly vary. Amish Patel PT Services strives to go above and beyond the basics to improve physical function.

At APPTS, I do my best to help you:

Work wisely, Play powerfully and Live lively!

- Amish Patel, Registered Physiotherapist

Hons. B. Kin, M.Sc.PT

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