Physiotherapy Services at APPTS involves... 

The TREATment Approach






Therapeutic Manual (hands-on) Intervention

  • Muscle release techniques

  • Joint mobilization

  • Therapeutic Taping techniques for muscle, tendon and joint treatment

Rehabilitation & Exercise

  • Personalized stretch and strengthening exercise protocols best suited to you – can vary from basic exercises for individuals with significant pain to advanced exercises for higher functioning individuals

Electrical Modalities, Interventions & Education

  • Electrical current

  • Ultrasound

  • Acupuncture

  • Heat/Ice

  • Patient Education on injury, pain management, prevention techniques, treatment, etc.

Athletic Bracing, Orthotics & Therapeutic Devices

  • General orthopaedic devices

  • Ergonomic equipment

  • TENS machines

  • Custom knee braces, orthotic fittings and compression hosiery – built specifically for your body composition and injury, for daily and/or athletic use

Travel time minimized

  • Physiotherapy treatment in the comfort of your home, my office, or a convenient place near you. The value of receiving physiotherapy treatment in a non-clinic setting translates to you learning how to perform your home exercises given the equipment you have in your possession, and not necessarily what you may only see in a clinic.

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