Practitioner Mentorship Seminars

APPTS offers a range of seminars for health care practitioners (Physiotherapists, Chiropractors, Registered Massage Therapists, Chiropodists, Naturopaths, Physical Therapy Assistants, Kinesiologists, etc.) that aims to:

-educatepractitioners on how to overcome various issues encountered when working in health care, 

- equip practitioners with the necessary knowledge to work in clinic, hospital and community settings as a private contractor (e.g., the business aspects of your job), and  
-empower practitioners to know their rights and not get taken advantage of (e.g,. billing number used by employer) and make/save more money.

Mentorship Seminar Objectives

Benefits of Mentorship Seminars

How does it help you?

  • Answers to your questions within only one afternoon seminar

  • Professional advice from experienced practitioners

  • Relevant and applicable information to improve your career

  • An opportunity to make/save you money

  • Support and resources to enhance your practice

  • Opportunities to connect with network of health care practitioners and other professionals (accountants, lawyers, real estate agents, etc.)

Based on over ten years of health care experience, APPTS has developed a list of seminar topics that reflect the common issues or challenges  encountered by many new health care practitioners.



Each seminar is designed as a 1-day engaging workshop that includes a combination of lecture/presentation, group discussion, and activities. Resources and lunch will be provided.

Seminars are scheduled on weekends and have a limited capacity of registrants to ensure all major questions are answered.

Contact for more details.

Mentorship Seminar Details




  1. Download the registration form. 

    • Complete the form and then scan or take a picture of the completed form, OR

    • Fill in the form via Microsoft Word and save the document.

  2. Email it to:


1. Review the registration form.

2. Call (416) 300-3853 with the
    required information.