Information For Patients

At APPTS, you can count on an individualized treatment plan that will help you work wisely, play powerfully, and live lively!

We offer a range of physiotherapy services at a location that suits your needs - local Ajax home office, your home, or a location that is convenient for you!

Physiotherapy -
Office & Home Care Locations

The convenience of receiving comprehensive physiotherapy treatment within the comfort and privacy of a home setting - yours or a local Ajax office!

Services -
The TREATment Approach

At APPTS, the TREATment approach provides you with a variety of services and products that will assist you in achieving your therapy goals. 

Coverage Options and Fees

APPTS accepts various coverage types from third party insurance to out-of-pocket. Depending on your insurance company, direct billing may be possible.

Benefits and Outcomes of Physiotherapy at APPTS 

While each individual will experience different outcomes, at APPTS, I strive to provide everyone with overall benefits to their health and well being. For an outline of what you can expect, click below. 

What Conditions Can Be Treated? 

Physiotherapy can effectively treat many physical issues - injuries, acute or chronic pain, and other body conditions (cardiovascular, muscular, neurological). If you are unsure, call to book a FREE 15-min consultation with me.   


Throughout your treatment, I teach you about the nature of your injuries and pain, ways to prevent further injury, tips for good body mechanics and ergonomics, etc. You can access the same information on my blog.

Services at APPTS are based on several core VALUES & PRINCIPLES:


 assessments and treatments completed with compassion.


Primary health care that is 
patient-centered and 


Treating a variety of physical issues, injuries, ailments, and conditions.


Together, we will set and achieve your individualized therapy goals.


Local office & home care settings that offer flexibility,  comfort, and efficiency.